Where to get supplies for papercrafting

Ok, for my first proper post I wanted to give a little insight in to where I get all my gorgeous supplies.  It can get a little overwhelming knowing where to start, so I really hope that y’all will find this blog post helpful.

The big stores:

Ok first things first, let’s look at the bigger stores and what is available where.

Michaels is one of the biggest stores around and excellent for getting a good starter set of cardstock and stamps or anything you want really.  I have one really close by to me so I do go there often and can always find what I want.

Joanns is similar and I have to say one of my favorites – I’m sad that I don’t have one as close as I do with Michaels but perhaps that’s God’s way of keeping me from spending all my money in there!

Now I’m a big fan of not always being in the big stores.  If you want a bit more of a personal service then I’d suggest maybe seeing if you can find a Stampin Up distributer near by you.  There’s bound to be someone and you can see in person some of the best stamps, dies and paper crafting kits out there.

I’d also say that you should look to see if you have any small independent shops in your town or city too.  Not only can these be great places if you run short of supplies, but it can also get you involved in the crafting community that is local to you.  If you don’t know of anywhere, ask your friends or do an internet search to see if you can find anything nearby.  I love supporting smaller businesses and it makes my heart sing to know I am helping them out.

Of course online there’s a lot of places you can get started and get supplies from.  I often get cardstock from eBay and Amazon and of course for the bigger items you can get some amazing deals from Amazon.  I’ve just dipped my toe in the cutting machines water and got a great deal on an item from Amazon, way better than even the big stores nearby.   Sometimes it’s nice to see the items in person though so I’d definitely look at a store and if you’re not ready to buy right there and then take a look online and see if you can get a better deal.  All the savings can go towards more craft supplies!

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