Bad blogger

I’m sorry – I haven’t managed to quite get this blog going how I’d wanted to.  I wanted to share so much paper crafting joy, share my creations and hopefully make some online crafting friends.  Unfortunately, for many reasons it’s not been as easy as I thought.

One fairly practical reason why I can’t do lots of sharing is that my digital camera broke on me and I don’t have a smartphone to take pictures.  I’m hoping to get that sorted soon so that I can share all my favorite creations.

I am also being tested quite a lot now personally and although I relish in the tests that God gives me, it of course makes my plans harder to keep going.  Of course, perhaps that is the reason, perhaps my plans are nothing compared to what God has in store for me.  We will surely see and I am giving myself up to the new path that is opening up in front of me and letting myself be guided by Him.

As for now, I just wanted to make a post and assure you that I haven’t forgotten about you!  I will be trying to make this blog better in the coming months.

Speak soon and God bless x


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